Surf Massage | TSE

    Relieve tired muscles after a long day of surfing with a relaxing or invigorating post-surf massage. And the best thing is, you will be treated by highly qualified, skilled hands in the comfort of one of our villas.

    In addition to being good for your soul and feeling great, massage helps to break down the lactic acid build-up in exhausted muscles; it speeds up your circulation and thus brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to help them repair and improve their condition.

    Full body massage
    60 minutes: Promote a sense of relaxation with this Ayurvedic massage, relaxing but invigorating to relieve muscle tension and stress. Using a plain oil.

    Back, neck and shoulder massage
    30 minutes: Deep, relaxing massage to appease typical tensions in the back, neck, and shoulder area using a plain oil. You can add either the chest and scalp or the back of your legs if you choose the 45 minutes treatment.

    Indian head massage
    30 minutes: The development of massage techniques practiced for thousands of years, including the Ayurvedic principles and chakra balancing, creates this wonderfully de-stressing treatment. This treatment is performed sitting up and works on the top of the back, upper arms, neck, shoulders, scalp, and face; improves concentration, relieves tension headaches, anxiety, eyestrain, and sinus problems.

    Tibetan bowl massage
    45 minutes: A profoundly relaxing massage, as the bowls vibrate on the person’s body. The beautiful sound produced by the Tibetan bowls have an hypnotic effect on the brain, slowing brain waves, and inducing a deep meditative state, leading to: stress reduction, a deep effect on acupuncture meridians, an activated self-healing mechanism within the body, deeper sleep, relief of headaches and chakra balancing.

    Check out our surf packages to see how you can combine surfing with one of these massages.

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