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    Neben unseren üblichen Surfpaketen haben wir regelmäßig unwiderstehliche Spezialangebote für dich auf Lager. Surf mit uns!

    Advanced Surf Training mit Dean Gough
    ISA Surf Instructor Kurs - Level 1
    Pedro’s Wavehunter Wochen
    OY - Girls Surf und Yoga Woche
    Beef & Beer Surf Retreat

    One evening a local based beer brewer will join our group. He got nominated the last 2 years for the best micro-brewery in Portugal. The beer tasting will include around 6-8 different beers from light to strong and bright to dark, just amazing flavours.

    The week is not meant for excessive meat lovers but all 5 days include a healthy diner with meat and side dishes as vegetables, salads, pastas etc. Just as our mum used to cook when we were a child.

    04. – 11.05.2019

    1 week includes:
    • 1 beer tasting (inclusive a little snack)
    • 6 days of surfing to west and/or south coast
    • Spot introduction (Guiding)
    • Surfboard and wetsuit (lessons only)
    • Theory lessons and video analysis
    • 1 yoga session (1h – on Wednesday)
    • Accommodation with private bathroom
    • Daily meat dinners (except Tuesdays and Fridays), daily breakfast and lunch
    • 2 transfers into town (Tuesdays and Fridays)
    • Usage of lounge/garden with tv, stereo, pool table, pc, ping-pong, swimming pool, and slackline

    The Vila Catarina is surrounded by lush gardens featuring a swimming pool and a sauna – for the colder months of the year. The villa has different bedrooms in the house and bungalows in the garden. All rooms comply with the highest standard and have their own bathrooms. The luxurious villa features a large living room with a TV, DVD player, stereo and pool table to ensure a relaxing environment after a hard day at the beach.

    € 599

    Surf level:
    All levels.

    Please feel free to extend the trip for a few days and stay/surf with us.

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    NARS Lifesaver Kurs für Surf Instructor

    Nehme an unserem Lifesaver Kurs für Surf Instructor teil.
    Nächster Termin: 17.11. – 20.11.2018

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