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    It is our mission to prepare fresh, healthy, and really tasty food for you. There is a fresh food market in Lagos every Saturday. Here we buy food that is offered by regional farmers. The food comes straight out of their gardens. In this way, we offer you pure and high-quality food.

    Dinner Pool

    Cooking vegetarian food is no problem at all for our kitchen. On request we also cook for those who have vegan or gluten-free diets. We do have to charge a little extra for this as it means more work for our staff and buying special goods. Everyone else can enjoy fish, shellfish, or meat. Our charcoal-grilled burgers are famous. They taste awesome and their meat is purchased from a local butcher. By doing so, we ensure local origin and high quality. Moreover, our seafood is from the area. Quality and freshness of the products are really important to us.

    Our motto about meat is the following: stay away from mass-produced articles and big animal factories, and return to a more sensible attitude of enjoying food. We offer you more quality and make sure that you do not lack anything during your stay. We offer a great variety of fresh salads and crunchy vegetables, in combination with healthy portions of meat. In short, we wish to offer you the healthiest and most satisfying meal after a long day at the beach.