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    For the 5th time we offer the PILATES & SURF RETREAT in our new self catering Vila Luz. The last years were a great success: sunshine, amazing waves, beach life, great people and of course intense pilates. Recharge and bring yourself in balance with nature again! 30.05.-06.06. PILATES & SURF RETREAT

    Accommodation in a double or triple room in our self catering Vila Luz with private bathroom.

    Usuage of big kitchen and lounge with TV, Stereo, pc, Wifi, swimming pool, BBQ area and sea view balcony.

    • surfaris to the west and south coast on 5 days with surf lessons
    • Beach theory lessons and video analysis
    • pilates sessions before or after surfing

    Prices: 575€ triple room / 590€ double room

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    or contact us on contact@thesurfexperience.eu

    New: Surfing and education for medical practitioners at the Vila Catarina

    This education week will be hold in German

    20.-24.04.2015 halten die Surfdocs bei uns eine weitere Woche: Ärztliche Fortbildung mit praxisrelevanten Schwerpunkten, kleinen Gruppen und hohem Niveau.

    Unser Stammkunde, Freund und Facharzt, Patrick Näher hat es geschafft, ärztliche Fortbildung mit seinem Hobbie Surfen zu verbinden.

    Seine Kurse umfassen jeweils 5 Kurstage (Mo-Fr) und sind von der Ärztekammer zur Weiterbildung Sportmedizin akkreditiert. Mit An- und Abreise umfaßt der Kurs eine Woche (So-Sa).

    Für weitere Informationen bitte Patrick Näher unter info@surfdocs.de kontaktieren oder hier clicken.

    Surf Fit With Tomy & Max

    Next dates: 31.10.-07.11.2015

    Thomas”Tomy”Schmidt, personal surf coach at mycustomsurf.com and Max Lindenlaub, accredited sports scientist, will make you SURFFIT. You can expect one week of training, surf and fun with the following schedule:

    manoeuver training: understand in theory and practice in the water- we will help you learn and perfect manoeuver with video analysis and key words

    core training: the stronger your core the better you can transfer your power to rail, tail and wave

    menatl training: a strong mind helps the body to recognize seemingly insurmountable limits and exceed them

    balance training- your balance and coordination will be tested and trained

    recovery & flexibility – relieve and prevent tension

    Coaching in the water and by video analysis will make sure you get constant feedback. Of course the fun whilst surfing is our main focus and all amenities of Vila Catarina are available to you. Wanna know more? Just email to: Info@mycustomsurf.com subject: Surf Fit