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25 Years TSE

20th to 27th June 2020

Let's celebrate our anniversary week together

From € 530,00

Why celebrating on a day when you can party one week?;-)

Come and celebrate with Urs, Iris, Dago, Conny, Marlon, Melvin, the current and the former staff. Live Music, beach parties, Mellow-time, beers and lots of surfing. Be also already prepared for TSE-like surprises. You can’t miss this legendary week! Join our Facebook group and you’ll be the first one getting all the relevant information!

6 Days of Surfing

Daily about 3 to 4 hours of water time


Bed in a shared room with private bathroom


Use of all facilities swimming pool, pool table, slackline…


Breakfast, dinner* and lunch
at the beach

Get a Discount up to 50%

You’ve stayed with TSE several times? Did you visit us years ago? Get a discount for each visit or for the years – get a discount up to 50%!

5% discount for each visit

  • You visited 1 time – get 5% discount.
  • You visited 3 times – get 15% reduction
  • You visited 9 times – get 45% reduction
  • You’re a hero and visited 10 times – for FREE!

Discount for your first-time visit

  • You surfed with us 5 years ago – get  2% x 5 = 10%
  • You surfed with us 10 years ago – get 2% x 10= 20%
  • You surfed with us 25 years ago – get 2% x 25 = 50%

Join Facebook and be ready when we open the booking gates to HELL YES TSE!

TSE Back in the Days

In the past, everything was better or different ;-)? Dago Lipke talks about the very first beginning of TSE and how it all started 25 years ago…

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