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NEW! Surf Mansion Lagos

After 26 years at Vila Catarina it was time for a new Surf Mansion in 2023. Our new all-inclusive surf camp on Portugals' Algarve surrounded by lush gardens, pool and BBQ area and provides stunning ocean views. Being the heart of TSE The Surf Experience, its first-class cooking will blow you away. 5-10 minutes drive outside Lagos, transport from and to the beach will be provided every day.

From € 708,00

Our surf camp on Portugal’s Algarve is only a 5-10 minute drive outside of Lagos in a quiet and beautiful neighborhood. The surf camp is surrounded by lush gardens with ocean view featuring a swimming pool and it provides stunning views of the Atlantic. The villa has two to three bed rooms with bathroom ensuite or on the aisle (shared by two rooms). As soon as you arrive,  you will feel at home.



sauna and hot tub twice a week


we offer around 3h of surfing daily for each surf level


Surf Camp and School founded in 1995


2 times a week video analysis & surf theory


All rooms in the Surf Mansion are brand new and individually furbished. All rooms have a private bathroom (two of the rooms have a bathroom on the opposite side of the aisle). On the property of the Surf Mansion, there is also our second accommodation the Cottage. The cottage was only partly renovated and there are three twin rooms and one double room. There is only one bathroom and up to eight guests will share it (one toilet, one shower).

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Video Analysis and Theory

2 times a week video analysis & surf theory

TSE – The Surf Experience is a family affair surf camp and staying at our new surf mansion is a perfect chance to participate in the surf culture on all levels. Not only do we teach you everything about surfing in the water, no! Our experienced surf coaches teach you everything you need to know about surfing: technique, rules, tides or behaviour in the water. Two times a week we film you while surfing and analyze the videos together in order to improve your skills even more.

IMG_5624 (1) GOPR0279-finish-lr Hannah Hofinger balancing on our indo board IMG_5510lores IMG_0708lores image00008 IMG_7308 IMG_5514lores

All you need

  • Chef & kitchen team
  • Pool, garden and sun loungers
  • Yoga terrace
  • Swimming Pool
  • Hot tub
  • Sauna
  • Free WiFi
  • Full-time host team
  • Table tennis, Slackline, Indoboards
  • Outdoor lounge areas
  • Free tea & fruits
  • Smart TV, sound system
  • In-house Shop
  • Hairdryer
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Our chef's amazing dishes

Sanne and Sonia’s world-famous skills in the kitchen have to be sampled to be believed, their truly first-class cooking will blow you away. Vegetarian, vegan, any allergies? No problem at all! On 2 nights a week, we will drive you into town and you will be able to choose one of the numerous great restaurants. Most people usually stay in town for one or two drinks as well to get to know the famous Lagos nightlife…

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Surfing in Portugal with TSE

Surfschool in Portugal – surf coaching is our most comprehensive program. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced surfer – our progressive surf lessons will match your abilities.  The aim of the surf coaching is to take your surfing here on the Algarve to the next level as quickly as possible with hands on instruction.


  • 07.30 Sunrise yoga (optional extra)
  • 08.45 Healthy and rich breakfast
  • 09.30 Road trip to the best waves
  • 10.30 First surf lesson
  • 12.30 Lunch at the beach
  • 13.30 Second surf lesson
  • 17.30 Video Analysis, Theory lesson or Yoga
  • 19.30 Dinner or hitting town

Surf, Eat, Sleep – Repeat.

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Relax and stretch

Inhale, exhale and activate your muscles before surfing or join one of our classes after the surf to relax and stretch your body.

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Surf Massage

Relax your muscles

Surfers take a lot of pounding that by the end of a day in the water, leaves them with tight, sore muscles. Tense muscles can have a domino effect, spreading through the entire body and affecting nerves, muscles, and bones. Our surfing massages directly address this problem by easing muscles and enabling the body to maintain a healthy posture and balance.


How to get there

Coming by plane, by train, by bus, by car or by foot? There are many different ways you can visit our beautiful locations in Lagos and Praia da Luz.

We had a hell of a time!

We went to different beautiful beaches, had surfing theory and they taught everyone individually. We also got a lot of options for our free time which we really enjoyed (beachparty, poolparty and so on).

― Alexa
Best time of my life

Amazing team of amazing individuals. Always professional and always with a smile. They will turn your surfing experience into a real adventure.

― Jakub
Inspiring and unique surf holidays at TSE in Lagos

My two best friends and me booked one week at TSE. We enjoyed our trip so much that I decided to stayed 3 more days.. The staff was just fun and nice, but also professional!

― Naomi
Get your surfing experience with us

Surf Lessons or Surf Guiding

Surf with our surf school – we offer surf lessons or surf guiding. We teach you all! First days, beginners, intermediate or advanced surfers improve their skills with us! Group surf lessons or private surf coach, accommodation or surfing only as a day guest? We’ve got you covered!

Living the Surf Life

Do you have questions?

You can arrive as well as join the surf course on any day of the week. If you are a first time guest, the check in time is 8am to 10pm. If you have stayed with us before, you can arrive any time you want.

Minimum stay with us is 4 nights and everything else is possible- as long as there are spaces available of course.

Our guests are usually between 20 and 40 years old. From time to time, however, we do get 9-year-old pro surfers to show 53-year-old tax advisors how the wind blows…

Faro airport is about a 1-hour drive from our camp. Apart from Faro, you can get cheap flights to Lisbon and Seville, both of which are approx. 300 km away.

All-Inclusive Surf Package at the Surf Mansion

3 - 4 BED ROOM

Low Season
November – June

  • € 708,00 / 1 Week
  • € 1.422,00 / 2 Weeks
Starting from

€ 708,00

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3 - 4 BED ROOM

High Season
July – October

  • € 908,00 / 1 Week
  • € 1.818,00 / 2 Weeks
Starting from

€ 908,00

Book now


Low Season
November – June

  • € 778,00 / 1 Week
  • € 1.554,00 / 2 Weeks
Starting from

€ 778,00

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High Season
July – October

  • € 1.013,00 / 1 Week
  • € 2.018,00 / 2 Weeks
Starting from

€ 1.013,00

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