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Surf Camp Algarve - choose between the amazing locations of our camp in the south coast of Portugal. All-inclusive camp vila on a hill, oceanfront house or new private surf apartment - you decide where you will stay and what accommodation suits your budget and vibe. We warmly invite you to call any of our locations home for however long you desire. And if you are like most of our guests, you will likely return soon for surfing in Portugal.

It's fun!


Are you looking for new sporty challenges? Do you want to find an inner balance and enjoy life in Portugal to the max? Our surf locations offer a variety of activities! Discover the beautiful Algarve with a sunrise SUP or kayak tour, start your day with SUP Yoga in Lagos, climb the massive cliffs around Sagres or find relaxation during our yoga sessions.

We had a hell of a time!

We went to different beaches and they taught everyone individually. We also got a lot of options for our free time (beach party, pool party…) Everyone was relaxed, and we had the feeling to be part of a little family. And the food was like heaven!!!

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