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We are grateful to work and collaborate with amazing partners from all over Europe.

Official Partner


In 1952 Jack O’Neill invents the world’s first wetsuit and O’Neill was born! By the end of the twentieth century, surfers were riding waves in some of the most remote cold-water corners of the world. O’Neill stands for surfing and so do we. We’re proud to have O’Neill – an innovative and creative brand that pushes surfing as an official partner on board.


The go-to source when it comes to researching surfcamps all over, in German. Get your insights on the lives of nomadic surfers who combine their passion for surfing with work.

Mellow Loco

A famous bar in Lagos. The best place to be for some after surf drinks and to party on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and the rest of the week. It’s TSE’s favorite party place in town.


Wavetours is one of the biggest providers of surf holidays in the German-speaking part of Europe. Surf holidays all over the world can be booked and arranged – a personal surf experience for every taste.

Planet Sports

Planet Sports, located in Munich, Germany, signifies know-how and passion for board sports and streetwear for more than 25 years. With great customer service, true passion for all kinds of board sports and endless dedication to the local scene, we define Planet Sports as the favorite shopping place for board sports fans.

Gibbon Slacklines

Before GIBBON, slacklining was an extreme activity exclusive to an elite niche of climbers. Gibbon managed to provide access to slacklining to basically anyone.


Advanced training for doctors in German with practical emphasis, small groups and high level, paired with the experience of surfing and it’s facets.


Your go-to source when it comes to surf equipment in Switzerland. Surfboards, wetsuits,  custom shapes, board repair and surf trips from the heart of Switzerland.

Big Ding

Everything you need to repair your board when it comes to wave-, wind-, kite-, and sup surfboards.


LUEX is a specialized travel agency and booking platform for Surf, Ski and Snowboarding vacations all around the globe.

Blue Juice Camps

The perfect surf camp for everyone. Whether its a tent for glamping or a luxury villa – from the youth camp to the family camp or from Europe to overseas, they have something for everyone.

Portugal Libelle

Travel Portugal – discover Portugal and it’s region. Get all kinds of information regarding your holiday destination in the Algarve in German.

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