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The Team


TSE The Surf Experience

Since its establishment in 1995, The Surf Experience (TSE) a surf camp located in the Portuguese Algarve, has been one of the most atmospheric places for surfing in the world. The region’s countless magnificent surf spots and beaches are unrivaled. Nonetheless, it is our experienced surf guides and surf coaches that are setting new standards. From beginners to pros, our team’s professional work is valued by surfers at every level. In addition to surfing the beautiful coast of the Algarve, our luxurious accomodations, gourmet food, and incredible staff combine to create what we believe is the ultimate surf experience.


Established in 1995 by Conny and Dago Lipke, The Surf Experience quickly gained recognition in the surfing world; increasingly so as their son Marlon became one of the best German surfers in the world. This comes as no surprise, considering that he was raised in Lagos – surrounded by fantastic waves at his disposal at all times. Marlon’s brother Melvin, also a talented surfer, owns the well-known Mellow Loco Bar in Lagos, where you can meet the whole TSE family for an after-surf drink. In 2013, Iris and Urs joined the family and started to manage TSE. Prior to this, Iris and Urs had worked in a variety of surf camps all over the world but never found the right one to settle down. And then they found Lagos, Portugal. We encourage you to take a break from your routine and come to experience this place for yourself.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Good old Times 2


2020 is the year where we celebrate 25 years TSE! Music, beach parties, Mellow-time, beers and lots of surfing. Be also already prepared for TSE-like surprises. You can’t miss this legendary week! 

Meet the Team!

Not everybody is born a surfer. But surfing is fun from the beginning, for everyone. Especially with The Surf Experience and it's unique, funny and engaging team! Meet those great souls.



Management & Surf Instructor

  • Languages: English, German, French, Swiss-German, basic Portuguese
  • Surfed in: Portugal, Sri Lanka, Spain, France, California, Florida, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Brazil, England, Wales, Morocco, Indonesia, Switzerland, Fuerte
  • Favorite Spot: Pacas Mayo
  • Surfing for: 18 years
  • Qualification: BSA Level 1 , ISA Level 2, SLRG, AS Level 2, ISA Level 2, ASI Level 1, IPDJ, ISA SUP Level 1
  • Likes: Roof damage



Management & Fulltime Mommy 

  • Languages: English, German, Portuguese
  • Surfed in: Portugal, France, Fuerte, Bali, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Panama, Switzerland, Holland, Vietnam, Brazil, Morocco, Sri Lanka
  • Favorite Spot:  Our Home Spot
  • Surfing for: 10 years
  • Qualification: ISA Surfcoach L1, SLSGB, Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher
  • Likes: Dancing barefoot in the sand



Booking & Administration Manager

  • Semantics: austrian german, english, german, spanish
  • Surfed in: Fuerteventura, Morocco, Spain, France, Bali, Lombok, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala
  • Favorite Spot: North Shore Fuerteventura
  • Surfing for: on good days – since 7 years, on bad days – since yesterday
  • Qualification: Msc Business & Law, Yoga Allicance certified Yoga teacher, Traditional Thai Massage practitioner
  • Likes: small waves, happy faces & hearts, after surf beer, sunshine, gypsy life, dancing like a crazy one



Head Coach & Surf Instructor

  • Languages: spanish, english, portuguese
  • Surfed in: Spain, Portugal, England, Canary Islands, Azors, Brazil, Mexico, California, Australia, France
  • Favorite spot: Ribeira d’Ilhas (Ericeira), Meia Praia (Lagos)
  • Surfing for: TSE!!!
  • Qualifications: Surf Instructor and Kindergarten Teacher
  • Likes: surfing, nature, life, music, foo



Surf Instructor

  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish
  • Surfed in: all around Portugal, Spain, France, Morocco
  • Favorite spot: I’m not gonna tell u guys sorry, eheh
  • Surfing for: 16 years
  • Qualifications: Lifeguard and Surf Instructor level 1 by FPS and ASI, currently  studying for FPS Level II
  • Likes: blue sky, sunshine, perfect waves, finishin the days with cold beers



Surf Instructor

  • Languages: spanish, english, dutch, portugese
  • Surfed in: Bible surf classic, caribbean surfers, Sumatra, Southern Miami, but the best: Portugal Coast
  • Favorite Spot: NOT crowded
  • Surfing for: I surf more years than my hands and toes have
  • Qualification: ISA Level 1 & 2, Lifeguard, FPS estagio, PT Fitness / functional surf
  • Likes: love to go to the cinema



David – Surf Instructor

  • Languages: german, english, italian
  • Surfed in: Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia,France, Italy, Canary Islands, Sri Lanka
  • Favorite Spot: Balian, Phunios(NZ), Lennox Head (AU)
  • Surfing for: life
  • Qualification: Surf Instructor and Cabinetmaker
  • Likes: surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, fishing, art, nature, camping



Surf & Climb Instructor

  • Languages: english, german, comedy french
  • Surfed & Climbed: All over the planet and is amused by all axes of movements
  • Vertical vs. Horizontal: Doesn’t matter as long as you have fun & pain
  • Climbing for: 20 years
  • Qualification: DAV Climb Instructor C, ISA & BSA Surfcoach, SLRG, German diploma in Sport Science
  • Likes: Truth & Meat salad



Marketing & Pictures

  • Languages: German, English, French, Spanish
  • Surfed in: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Portugal, Spain, Basque Country, Morocco
  • Favorite Spot: El Transito & Cordis
  • Surfing for: TSE – what else?
  • Qualification: MSc in Business Development & the Marketing tia
  • Likes: Surfing, traveling, mountains, live music & bikinis



Surf Coordinator/Instructor & Maintenance Manager

  • Languages: Swiss German, German, English, French, learning Portuguese
  • Surfed in: Australia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Morocco, Portugal
  • Favorite Spot: As long as there is a wave – I am happy – all of them
  • Surfing for: 4 years with a lot of landlocked time
  • Qualification: Surf  ISA Level 1,  Automation Technician
  • Likes: Surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, books, gardening, dogs

Pedro Chorizo

Chouriço (Pedro)

Surf Instructor

  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, basic French and little Italian
  • Surfed in:  All over Portugal, Spain, Norway, England, Philippines, Indonesia
  • Favorite Spot: Secret 😉 but Periscopes (Sumbawa) is one of my favorite wave
  • Qualification:  ISA Level 1 should have Level 2  in the beginning of April 2020
  • Favourite Manoeuvre: barrel and pocket snaps
  • What’s the best thing about your job: Getting to meet new people everyday and the happiness you get from teaching them to surf and how joyful they get once they stand up on a surf board. That is very gratifying.



Host at Vila Catarina

  • Languages: German and English, learning Portuguese
  • Surfed in: Portugal, Canary Islands
  • Favorite Spot: Meia Praia
  • What’s your favorite surfing manoeuvre: wipe out
  • Qualification: B.A. Business Administration
  • What’s the best thing about your job: Living in a place where I can connect working and surfing
  • Likes: sunshine, empty beaches, live music



Bookings & Marketing

  • Languages: German, English, practicing Portuguese
  • Surfed in: Portugal, Sri Lanka, Bali, New Zealand, Morocco, Costa Rica
  • Favourite Spot: All of them, as long as there are small waves
  • What’s your favorite surfing manoeuvre: Double over ankle floating
  • Qualification: International Business Communcation, B.A.
  • What do you like most about your job: My colleagues, meeting our guests, the ocean view
  • Likes: Surfing, nature, mountains, hiking, bouldering, concerts



Head Chef

  • Languages: German, Portuguese, English
  • What inspires your cooking:  My dishes are influenced by the Mediterranean and also Asian Cuisine
  • Favorite ingredient: Definitely coriander
  • Is there a particular dish you are famous for: My Canneloni are very popular and also the Curries
  • What have you done before you founded the Surfcamp:  I designed individual, hand-made belts and ran two boutiques
  • Likes: Fashion, Yoga

Stay with us!

Surfcamp on a hill, hostel in downtown Lagos or private apartment – you decide which accommodation suits best your budget and vibe.

Vila Catarina

All-Inclusive house, surrounded by a lush garden with swimming pool, surfing every day included.

Surf Hostel 

Situated in down-town Lagos, self-catering, rooftop with the best Ocean view in town.

Family Apartments Quinta Formosinho

Fancy a family holiday in our self catering apartments surrounded by an amazing garden and pool.

Vale do Mar Apartments

New apartments just outside of Lagos, perfect for families or friends who want to be more independent.

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